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Sunday Punch at the York Hall

Turner looked highly efficient, and he seemed to have a good plan, which he was executing with minimum fuss. Osben's (11st 3lbs 12oz) chest was speckled with his own blood, and blotches of it stained his pink trunks a more intense shade. Turner won the round easily, although in the last second Osben caught him with a counter right hook that buckled his knees slightly.

In the third, Turner's left hand repeatedly found the mark, and he was throwing almost all of them as part of a combination. Again, his favourite appears to be an innocuous looking jab that's followed by a more nastily-intentioned hook.

Turner went on to dominate round 4 as well. Osben managed to land a few, but overall Turner effort was the most impressive of the night so far - a solid defence, combined with an ability to dissect his opponent. Ref scores it 39-37 - again, I can't see that Osben won any of those. BoxRec News had it 40-36 for Turner.

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