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Frustration For Spelman With Referee's Decision


“Firstly, I’d like to thank everybody who contacted me, it was a bitter pill to swallow in the way the fight ended. I felt I was always in the contest, he caught me with a couple of thudding right hands, and I took a knee. The problem was as I got up, I had a bit of a wobble, despite this I felt sound. As he waved it off, he told me, “you’ve lost every round” and I’m absolutely gutted.”


CGP’s light- heavyweight Dec Spelman (16-5(8)) spoke philosophically following his hotly debated sixth-round stoppage defeat to Londoner Anthony Yarde last Saturday night. Kid Nytro who has endeared himself to the British fight public with his bravery on his second main event appearance ‘behind closed doors’ on Frank Warren Promotions BT Sport broadcast.


Spelman had the better of the first round, where both fighters were cautious, but the Scunthorpe man seemed to have the edge in sharpness and work-rate. He was using the double left-hand jab to great effect and kept the dangerous Londoner at arm’s length.


Yarde edged the second round as he looked to find his range with some heavy shots and better work rate. Despite this he struggled to unload any of his big artillery on Spelman, as the tactic of doubling with the left working well again for the Scunthorpe man.


The third round carried on in a similar vein, with Spelman getting some nice shots in but possibly should have been looking to double up more. He threw a couple of hurtful left hooks but Yarde countered these with some heavy right hands as blood began to appear from Spelman’s nose.


Both fighters showed their power during an exciting fourth round with eye-catching punches hitting their intended target. Spelman’s work rate increased with encouragement from trainer Carl Greaves as he looked to create opportunities for himself but Yarde’s work seemed to be a bit more hurtful and edged the round.


A fired-up Spelman applied good pressure in the early parts of the fifth round working the double left jab and connecting with some heavy right-handed shots. Yarde tried to throw the big right hands but could only catch Spelman’s gloves and elbow. Despite Yarde coming into the round late on, Spelman’s better work-rate edged the round.


The sixth and final round continued in a similar vein with neither man giving an inch while throwing some hurtful shots. The Londoner was begging to unload but Spelman managed to get himself of the ropes and throw some of his own heavy artillery.


But then with around 50 seconds of the round to go, Spelman tried to move out the way and got caught by Yarde’s big right hand. Yarde almost ran after Spelman to try and follow it up, but Spelman traded well but on the back foot. Sensing blood the Londoner unloaded again catching Spelman behind the ear with a thundering right and then missed, but the Scunthorpe man decided to take a knee.


As he got up there was very slight wobble on the count of six and despite being on his toes, bouncing and ready to go: referee Michael Alexander waved off the contest much to the frustration of Spelman, Greaves and his supporters.


“I told everyone that Dec wasn’t out of his depth fighting Anthony Yarde. We knew that at some point he (Yarde) would load up and the idea was to weather the storm. In boxing you never know what might happen and I always felt Dec would get his chance later in the fight. He’s going to have a nice break and he will be back. Hopefully in the home corner,” said manager and trainer Greaves speaking on social media the following day.


Whilst speaking to Frank Warren TV the victorious Yarde said, “I know he (Spelman) is a proud man and has never being stopped before, he should be happy the referee stopped the fight as he’s still got a career.”


“I don’t want to be disrespecting Dec Spelman he’s a tough guy and I now know why somebody like Lyndon Arthur went on the back foot for the whole of their fight. I didn’t need to box like that as I knew the opportunities would come,” he added.

Spelman speaking via his own social media feed said, “I feel that I can hold my head high and I have proved that I can more than mix it with these guys at the top level. I will keep grafting away and training in the gym with Carl in the hope one day I will get my break.”     

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